Brevin Runnebohm

Corporation Technology Coordinator

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Zach Hoeing

Building Technology Coordinator


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Ereena Moore

Building Technology Coordinator


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Chrissy Tabeling

Building Technology Coordinator


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India L Burris

Building Technology Coordinator


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**Always contact the Technology Coordinator for your building before contacting the Corporation Technology Coordinator**

Harmony is our district's SIS (Student Information System) It stores all student information

Your building technology coordinator will provide you with a username and password to access Harmony. If you ever forget your credentials or need them changed reach out to your building tech for assistance.



Emergency Contacts

Basics Page

Mailing Address

Basics Page

Physical Address

Basics Page

Guardian Contact Information

Guardian Page

Transportation Status or Bus Number

Bus Information Page

Lunch Number

Office Use Page

Special Education Status

State Reports Page

Title Status

State Reports Page

Language Status (ELL)

State Reports Page

Allergies and Health Concerns

Health Page

Historical Standardized Test Scores

Test Scores Page

Chromebook Login Information

Office Use Page (Labeled as Network Account, remember to add after all student email addresses)

Level 365 is our district's phone management service.

Logging into the Web App

Start by browsing to and enter your Login Name and Password. If you are unsure what these are, see the next section for credential reset instructions. More information can be found in the App Login help article.

Resetting my Account Password

You can self-reset your account password and recover your username from the Web App login screen. Simply click the applicable recovery option from the landing screen. More information can be found in the Forgot Password and Login Name help articles

Changing your Voicemail PIN

To reset your Voicemail PIN, first log in to the Web App. Once you are logged in, click your profile name from the top-right corner and select Profile. At the bottom of the resulting splash screen, input your desired PIN in the New PIN field and click Save.

Clever is our SSO (Single-Sign-On) platform that we use to allow students easy access to their apps.

Schools and districts use Clever as a repository for digital learning resources and applications, providing easy access for staff, teachers, and students. Teachers can add assignments, links, applications, and other resources to their Clever Portals and share them with students.

Logging into Clever

With your Clever account, you can log in to your district’s Clever Portal, a single page with all of the SSO applications and links set up for you by your district. Use the Log in with Google option, you will be redirected to Google to sign in with your school-provided email address. Please note: using your personal Google email address will not work.

Teacher Pages

Teachers can create multiple personalized Teacher Pages to house a variety of learning resources for themselves and their students. Once a teacher has designed their Teacher Page(s), and they've added applications and resources (e.g., learning applications, links to various websites, PDF files, etc.), teachers can share their page(s) with students. Teachers can design multiple Teacher Pages and can even create a different Teacher Page for every class or subject if desired. Teachers in the same school can also share their Teacher Pages with each other to view. 

Examples of the resources that can be added to Teacher Pages include:

Student Roster

From the Student Roster tab, teachers can verify a student's Clever login status, download class Badges for individual students or an entire class, create backup login codes for students who are unable to log in, log students out, and troubleshoot logins.

All of our workroom copiers are Xerox brand and run similar programs district wide. Below are a few guides to help you get started with our Xerox copiers!

Don't Forget to Sign Up for our Staff Calling System to receive critical information about upcoming events or schedule changes!

Doculivery is our secure method of distributing pay stubs and tax documents to our employees. The finance department will provide you with your employee ID number. Call them at (765) 932-4186 ext. 28, 29, or 30.

RCS Wi-Fi Networks

Rush County Schools provides multiple Wi-Fi networks for staff members, students, and guests to use. RCS Staff is reserved for staff members and guests. Students should only be on RCS k2 Private or RCS Private.