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eLearning Day Information

Rush County Schools will be using eLearning Days in the 2023-2024 School Year.  eLearning Days will be used once the 2 built-in make-up days are used (January 15th, and February 19th). Once these days have been used, RCS will alternate between using an eLearning Day and making up the day. The days that will be make-up days will be added to the end of the school year.

Whenever possible, students should complete the assigned work on eLearning Day.  If it is not possible for the student to complete the work on that day, the student will have two school days after returning to school to complete the work.  Opportunities that will be provided for students to complete work that students are unable to complete on the eLearning Day include - before school hours, indoor recess times, during the subsequent school days.  

Students and parents may communicate with the student’s teacher(s) on the eLearning Day during regular school hours. Communication should be done using logant@rush

Assignments will be posted by 9:00 AM on an eLearning Day.  Assignments will be posted using Google Classroom.  Assignments will be completed using the program(s) below.  Also listed below are any website(s) and login information for your student.  Please make sure to access these websites from home in advance of any eLearning Day and contact your student’s teacher if you have any difficulties accessing these websites.

We understand that adjustments may need to be made and our goal is to provide the best experience possible for students and parents.

Rush County Schools

eLearning Day 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Rush County Schools use eLearning Days in the 2023-2024 school year?

  • The two built-in make-up days will be used first.

  • Use 1 eLearning Day at a time.

  • After the two built-in make-up days are used, RCS will alternate between using an eLearning Day and making up the day.

For grade levels that do not regularly take home their devices, how will this situation be handled?

  • If inclement weather is anticipated, elementary schools will send home devices if students do not have devices at home and a parent/guardian signs off for permission to send home the device.

  • If the cancellation is unexpected and students do not have a device at home, they will have opportunities for 2 school days to complete assignments.

When are assignments from eLearning days due for students?

  • 2 school days after returning to school

If a student does not complete assignments on eLearning days, how is work made up?

  • Handled just as any other assignment not completed

How is student attendance tracked on eLearning days?

  • Based on whether assignments are turned in

What strategies are used for students with limited or no internet access?

  • Extended time to complete assignments - 2 days later

What is the deadline for when assignments should be posted by teachers on eLearning days?

  • By 9:00 AM

What are the guidelines for office hours for teachers on eLearning days?

  • Regular school hours

How will a help desk for students and parents on eLearning days?

  • Students and parents may contact the teacher for assistance.

  • If the teacher needs additional assistance, he/she will contact a member of the technology department.