eLearning Days FAQ

How will Rush County Schools use eLearning Days in the 2023-2024 school year?

  • Built-in snow days will be used first.

  • Use 1 e-learning at a time.

  • The 2nd day will be made up

For grade levels that do not regularly take home their devices, how will this situation be handled?

  • Elementary schools will send home devices if there is a possibility of inclement weather.

  • If unexpected, students can use devices they have at home.

How do teachers determine the amount of work assigned on eLearning days?

  • Teacher should not assign more than what a student could do in a regular class period

  • It must be an extension of skills being taught, not just busy work

When are assignments from eLearning days due for students?

  • 2 school days later

If a student does not complete assignments on eLearning days, how is work made up?

  • Handled just as any other assignment not completed

How is student attendance tracked on eLearning days?

  • Based on whether assignments are turned in

What strategies are used for students with limited or no internet access?

  • Extended time to complete assignments - 2 days later

  • School lab open/open after school hours for next 2 days

  • Download offline content in advance

  • Use Google Docs offline

What strategies are used for teachers with limited or no internet access?

  • Content can be posted by another teacher

  • Provide hotspots

  • Access to buildings

What is the deadline for when assignments should be posted by teachers on eLearning days?

  • By 9:00 AM

What are the guidelines for office hours for teachers on eLearning days?

  • Regular school hours

What are other teacher requirements for eLearning days?

  • Be available to answer any questions on an e learning day

  • Respond to questions from students in a timely manner during the day

How will a help desk for teachers/students/parents on eLearning days?

  • Tech is available by phone/Google Hangout/email

What support should be in place during eLearning days for students with accommodations?

  • Create assignments that will meet all accommodations, send emails to specific students with accommodations, spec ed teachers are a part of planning and being available online the day of elearning

  • Sped teacher office hours - Students have support from the sped staff as contact and for modifications, if needed

  • Paper copies, teacher phone numbers and/or emails

  • Spec ed teachers and classroom teachers work together on this.