stop it solutions

STOPit is a technology platform to assist students, parents, and staff in asking for and privately accessing a wide variety of help and resources.

Our aim with STOPit is to provide: Private access to basic needs resources, Convenient linkage to school, community, local, state, and federal resources and helplines, A culture that recognizes that all of us need help at different points in our life and asking for help is an important life skill.

STOPit is a tool that works by empowering students, parents, and staff to access help they need with dignity and privacy. All parties will have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two main features:

1. CRISISTEXTLINE can be access directly from the app to text with non-local trained crisis counselors

2. GET RESOURCES can be used to search community, local, state, and federal resources and helplines

No personal information is needed to use STOPit.

We invite you and your child to download the STOPit app from the app store on his or her smartphone or tablet at no charge.

We encourage you to download the STOPit app and search for your students’ school using the directory.

Together, we can make sure everyone in our community gets what they need to thrive. Thank you!