Rushville Consolidated High School
1201 Lions Path - Rushville, IN 46173 • Ph: 765-932-3901 Fax: 765-932-4051
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RCHS Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Alspaugh, Rocky Social Studies 765-932-3901
Augsburger, Hannah Guidance Counselor 765-932-3901
Baker, Kristin Business 765-932-3901
Bentley, Jacob Broadcasting 765-932-3901
Bitner, Jonathan Science 765-932-3901
Bowlby, Krista Opportunity School 765-932-3901
Brashaber, Karen Math 765-932-3901
Campbell, Heather Music 765-932-3901
Campbell, T.R. Music 765-932-3901
Carmony, Jill F.A.C.S. 765-932-3901
Connolly, Julie Art 765-932-3901
Craig, Melissa Science 765-932-3901
Doyle, David Music 765-932-3901
Edwards, Brooke Science 765-932-3901
Fenimore, Carol Science 765-932-3901
Fenimore, Joann Math 765-932-3901
Giesting, Karen Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Hamilton, Tara Science 765-932-3901
Haney, Pat Social Studies 765-932-3901
Harvey, Paul Technology 765-932-3901
Hedrick, Jacob P.E. & Health 765-932-3901
Hedrick, Tanner Special Education 765-932-3901
Hedrick, Teresa Special Education 765-932-3901
Hornsby, Natalie Guidance Counselor 765-932-3901
Hummel, Brian Language Arts 765-932-3901
Kaster, Emily Language Arts 765-932-3901
Kemple, Amaranta Foreign Language 765-932-3901
Laker, Linda Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Lemmons, Hannah Language Arts 765-932-3901
Leon, Yesenia Special Education Aide 765-932-3901
Lester, Katie Special Education 765-932-3901
Marlatt, Jim Social Studies 765-932-3901
Monk, Rachel Media Center 765-932-3901
Morgan, Kyle Guidance Counselor 765-932-3901
Morrow, Lena Language Arts 765-932-3901
Newkirk, Linda Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Nicholis, Christin Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Orme, Blair Agriculture 765-932-3901
Perin, Keith Language Arts 765-932-3901
Personett, Diane Business 765-932-3901
Philpot, Jennifer Math 765-932-3901
Pike, Trevor Substitute for Carol Fenimore 765-932-3901
Rector, Dan P.E. & Health 765-932-3901
Riddell, Daniel Math 765-932-3901
Riddell, Jane Math 765-932-3901
Risselman, Jana Language Arts 765-932-3901
Robben, Anne Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Robinson, Lisa Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Rosario, Anne Marie Foreign Language 765-932-3901
Scanlan, Nan Special Education 765-932-3901
Schultz, Toni Art 765-932-3901
Shockley, Krista Social Studies 765-932-3901
Shook, Diana Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Spellman, Patrick Health 765-932-3901
Taylor, Catrina Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Thoman, Jan Counselor 765-932-3901
Wagner, Holly Agriculture 765-932-3901
Wainwright, Julie Business 765-932-3901
Williams, Beth Paraprofessional 765-932-3901
Winters, Christina Paraprofessional 765-932-3901

Rushville Consolidated
High School

Rob Hadley, Principal
1201 Lions Path
Rushville, IN 46173

V: 765-932-3901
F: 765-932-4051

Aimee Puls, Asst. Principal
Mark Mendoza, Dean of Students

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It is the policy of the Rush County School Corporation not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational programs or employment policies as required by the Indiana Civil Rights Act, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of 1973, Title II, Title IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. ” Questions and concerns should be directed to the Title IX, Title II, and Section 504 Coordinator as follows: Dr. Matt Vance, Superintendent of Schools c/o Rush County School Corporation, 330 8th St., Rushville, IN 46173 Phone:  (765) 932-4186