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Updated COVID Guidance

Dear RCS Families and Staff,

On Tuesday evening the RCS Board of Trustees approved an adjustment to our Opening of School Plan. The change involves removing the county data from our matrix. From this point forward, masks/face coverings will be required when the following data points are met:

1. When a building/corporation reaches 5 % of students positive then RCS would implement a

mask/face covering mandate for that building or corporation for a minimum of two weeks.

2. When a building/corporation reaches 20% of students positive then RCS would implement

closure or e-learning for that building or corporation.

At this time, RCS does not meet any of the above metrics. Effective Monday, February 21st, masks/face

coverings will be optional.

In addition, the Indiana Department of Health will no longer be recommending contact tracing and quarantining close contacts as of February 23rd. RCS will no longer contact trace those who are in close contact of a known positive case. In certain situations, notifications will still be made of positive cases.

We will continue to stress the importance of students and staff staying home when symptomatic or waiting on test results. Accommodations for high risk students and staff can be considered by contacting the proper building administration for options.

Please note the following:

This Opening of School Plan is subject to change.

The federal bus mandate for masks/face coverings on buses will remain in effect.

We are trying to keep our students and staff safe and healthy while keeping schools open and as normal as possible. Your continued cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.


Dr. Matt Vance


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RCS Board of School Trustees on Proposed Change to School Board Organization Plan

On January 10, 2022, the school board approved a proposed change to the School Board Organization Plan to create more evenly populated election districts. The proposal would consolidate the existing 7 board election districts into 3 election districts, with 2 members elected from each district, and 1 member filling an at-large seat. We believe this adjusted configuration would allow for more participation from the community, consistent with applicable law and principles of good governance.  More detail information can be found in the Board menu in Board Information.

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Covid Protocols (Updated November 28, 2021)

 Dear RCS Families and Staff,

Hello, I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Break.
As we return on Monday, we are still under the mask/face covering requirement. We will see what the numbers are this week and I will let you know if this changes.
Thank you and have a great week!

Dr. Matt Vance 

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Mask Update

September 29, 2021

Dear RCS Families and Staff,

The RCS Board of Trustees has voted to extend the face covering/mask requirement through October 22nd. The decision was based on a recommendation from the Rush County Health Department and Rush County's current status of high community spread. It is believed that progress is being made and this will get us through the current surge. Hopefully after Fall Break we can make an adjustment. The primary goal remains to keep students and staff healthy, in school on a daily basis, and minimize absenteeism due to contact tracing.

I appreciate the cooperation from our students, families, and staff.

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