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Arlington Elementary School
2533 N 700 W - Arlington, IN 46104 • Ph: 765-663-2416 Fax: 765-663-2723
School is Open

Arlington Mission

Arlington Mission
The faculty and staff at Arlington Elementary School believe that the purpose of this school is to provide each student with an excellent and appropriate foundation for basic academic skills in a positive learning environment while enabling the student to develop socially and emotionally an attitude of confidence and self-esteem.  The faculty and staff of Arlington Elementary School accept the responsibility for providing instruction, encouragement, and motivation of students to aid them in achieving their maximum potential.

Rush County Schools Vision Statement

Achieve personal excellence through a wide range of educational challenges and opportunities.

Rush County Schools Values

We Value...

  1. Our students, families, and staff.
  2. A safe, secure, and technology appropriate learning environment.
  3. Post-secondary and career readiness.
  4. Academic and social growth.
  5. A challenging, rigorous and diverse curriculum.
  6. Extra-curricular opportunities that enhance a student's personal excellence.
  7. Our school facilities and community partnerships.