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Teacher Links

I have tried to put together some links that may be of interest and hopefully of help to teachers. Also, make sure to check out the document list for copies of the Wednesday Website links.

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East Central Service Center Look here for professional development opportunities and textbook adoption information.
Eduscapes Check out 42 Explore for great pathfinders.
Glogster EDU Glogster EDU is an ad-free Web site for educators and their students. The multisensory collaborative learning platform lets teachers and students express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in a unique way. A Glog is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface with multimedia elements, including text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, animations and data. EDU Basic is free and allows for student account management of 50 students with comment management and public feature. See the Web site for EDU Premium classroom management features and pricing.
Indiana Dept. of Education Find standards for all grade levels and subject areas here as well as other useful links.
INSPIRE A collection of academic databases and other information resources that can be accessed by Indiana residents using any computer equipped with an Internet Protocol (IP) address located in Indiana and a Web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. INSPIRE includes the following content: magazine and journal articles, websites, pamphlets, images, almanacs, library catalogs, and more.
Laura Candler's Teaching Resources Here you will find a collection of classroom-tested activity sheets, graphic organizers and teaching strategies. A virtual File Cabinet is packed with ready-to-use resources for today's classroom. Register for Candler's Classroom Connection to receive free teaching materials delivered to your inbox weekly. Teachers who register for the newsletter will also have access to template files in Publisher format for some of the free PDF printables, which they can then modify for individual student needs.
LibriVox Free Audio Books!! This organization provides recorded versions of books that exist in the public domain. What is public domain? In the US anything published before 1923 is considered public domain. For a better idea of these titles, go to
National Council of Teachers of English Check here for the latest in literacy news and research.
National Middle School Association Keep up to date with current trends in middle school education.
Newsela is a great free tool for teachers that offers current events in the news...a great resource to use in conjunction with Achieve to support those ISTEP constructed response skills. Also, it plays well with Google classroom...and it's free! Check out this link for a Quick Start Guide for Teachers.
Numbers in the News! Numbers in the News! is a weekly news story involving numbers with a question to solve. Students read the story and enter their answer in the Comments section online. The first person to answer is the Winner of the Week and will be posted in next week’s story.
Online Timer An online timer
Online-Stopwatch Never be without a stopwatch or timer again. The Online-Stopwatch can be used full screen online or downloaded to use on your computer desktop. The timer will count like a stopwatch or count down to organize classroom assignments or tasks. The menu box indicates a number of specialty timers, including a Metronome, Cash Clock (based on $5.00 an hour) and two Chess Clocks
PowerPoint Palooza Find an abundance of geography, social studies and history titles in this simple index of educational presentations. PowerPoint Palooza contains more than 220 free PowerPoints ranging in size from a dozen or so slides each to more that 145 slides per title. Save them, modify them or use them as needed in your classroom. The only requirement is to download the files before using them and keep the author as the original source.
Scholastic Teachers Find lots of great resources from lesson plans to author videos. Although you can find material for all subjects, reading and writing are stressed.
Schrock Guide Kathy Schrock has created a great resource through Discover School for educators. Created in 1995, this site helps teachers easily wade through the resources on the Internet. Updated daily, this site offers plenty of lesson ideas, plans, and links to other great stuff.
Teacher Tube Upload, tag and share your educational videos on this developed by and for educators.