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Internet Safety

For students, parents and teachers worried about online safety, check out the following websites for help.
  • Digital Citizenship Using Technology Appropriately This Web site is designed to help parents and teachers understand what students should know in order to use technology appropriately. Lesson activities for a Digital Compass and a Technology Driver’s License are taken from the Digital Citizenship in Schools handbook.
  • FBI safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge This is an interactive online program for grades 3-8 designed to help teach students and parents about Internet safety. It will help students recognize and avoid potential dangers associated with the Internet, email, chat rooms and social networking sites.
  • Get Net Wise GetNetWise is an informative website brought to you by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help ensure that Internet users have safe, constructive, and educational or entertaining online experiences. You can find all kinds of helpful tips to make surfing the Net a much safer experience.
  • Net Smartz A great informative site for parents, educators and students of all ages.
  • On Guard Online Worried about online safety? How about identity theft? Check out this website from the federal government designed to inform you and keep you safe while surfing.
  • Wired Kids This is a great organization that has put together lots of useful information for parents, teachers, teens and younger children. Check this one out!!