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Rush County Schools
330 W 8th St - Rushville, IN 46173 • Phone: 765-932-4186 Fax: 765-938-1608
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Board Policies

A100-Non-Discrimintation and Anti-Harrassment 
A125-Nepotism, Conlict of Interest, Gifts, and Use of Corporation Resources
A175-Whistleblower Protection
A200-Firearms, Weapons, and Destructive Devices
A225-Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
A250-No Tobacco
A275-School Wellness
A300-Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Use Policy
A325-Communicable Disease
A350-Civility and Decorum Policy
B225-Board Meetings
C100-Entrance Age and Requirements
C125-Admission to the Corportation (Legal Settlement)
C150-Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services
C175-Student Attendance and Academic Engagement
C225-Parental Access to Instructional Material and Surveys
C275-Test Security Provisions for Statewide Assessments
C300-Programs for Students with Disabilities and Least Restrictive Environment
C350-Student Discipline
C375-Suspension and Expulsion of Students
C400-Use of Restraint and Seclusion
C425-Student Suicide Prevention and Awareness
C450-Drug Prevention and Drug Testing
C475-School Sponsored Publications and Productions
C500-School Trips and Privately Sponsored Activities
C525-Medical Needs at School
C550-Student Search and Seizure
C575-Student Homework
C600-Withdrawal from School
D275-Drug-Free Workplace
D300-Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy for CDL and Safety Sensitive Positions
D325-Employee Background Checks and Mandatory Reporting
D350-Fitness for Duty Leaves and Examinations
D375-Employee Discipline
D400-Family and Medical Leave ("FMLA")
D475-Justifiable Decrease in Teaching Positions
H225-Public Comments and Concerns